Pinhal Novo Skatepark

Skatepark at Pinhal Novo near Motard Club. Design and build by us for Palmela community locals.

Moche Space

New space in Lisbon. Moche store at Rua do Instituto Industrial. Mini Half/ Music stage costumized by Cardoz.

SLX Benedia Indoor

Colab building an Indoor skatepark in Benedita.

Costa Board Office

Wood mini ramp and sitting place  for Costa Board office space at LX Factory in Lisbon.

Barreiro: Boobie Trap 2.0

Small but significant rebuild on the skate spot at Parque da Cidade, Barreiro. Asfalt floor remove, new obstacles, red curb, granit ledge, wood deck, place to sit, etc

Fun Park

Residential Skatepark located in Algarve area. Bowl connected to basket court surrounded by a little fun pump track. Designed by Marcelo Lambiasi. Builded by Wasteland Skateparks with Proride colab.  

Guelas Bowl

Private backyard bowl with different kind of pockets with lots of fun. 

S. Pedro da Cadeira

Skatepark into the Parque Verde in S. Pedro da Cadeira, Torres Vedras. Arquitecture by Arquitectura Viva, design and concept by Wasteland Skateparks. Bowl with tiles and pool coping, some fun obstacles around.

Parque Urbano Nogueiras, S. Pedro Sul

Near Viseu, we did this flow bowl to relax and have fun. Discover the deep of Portugal roots.

Art Park, Alto Lumiar

Project between Solidogma and EMEM to joint grafitty, street art and skateboarding in Lisbon. Designed and builded by Wasteland Skateparks.


Renovation of an old skatepark near McDonalds. Designed and builded by Wasteland Skateparks with APSkateramps colab.

Skatepark La Marina, Barcelona

3000 m2 integrated area at Zona Franca sidewalk. Designed by Straddle3/Sergi Arenas

Vans Red Curb DIY Workshop

Sidewalk and red curb workshop at Parque das Gerações in Estoril supported by Vans Europe.

Brandoa Skatepark, Amadora

Small skatepark in the playground area with small but fun obstacles. Designed and builded by Wasteland Skateparks.

Playground at Jardim da Sereia, Coimbra

We made the concrete rings for a playground at Coimbra garden.

Corner Skate

Little skatepark on a private College in Estoril. Designed and builded by Wasteland Skateparks.

Pictograma Ementa SB

Curb with logo shape for a film premiere, exhibition and session Ementa SB event in Marvila, Lisbon. 

Parque Verde Alcobaça

Design by Wasteland Skateparks, this project was a colaboration with Sergio Guerra and Hugo Pimenta Arquitects Studio for Alcobaça Parque Verde. Contain one bowl, street obstacles, flow trannies supported by benches, water points, lights, etc.

 Atalaia Skatepark

Designed by Wasteland Skateparks project by Arq. André Castanho for A Guarda County, Galiza with a local associacion. Builded by Zona de Obra with our consulting.

Eco Parque V. Pinheiro

First flow park in Portugal located in Venda do Pinheiro, near Mafra. The garden contain also playground, football field, coffee shop, etc. Designed and builded by Wasteland Skateparks with Proride colab.

Guimarães Skatepark

André Castanho project. Designed and builded by Wasteland Skateparks for Grupo ACA.

Clive's pool, Ericeira

La Point Camps, Ericeira

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Ride Resort, Baleal

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Alfamén, Saragoça



Lisboa Stone Crushers 2017

Vans Ultra Rage Pro Ramp

Feel Viana Hotel Pump Track

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V. N. Santo André Skate Plaza

Navarcles, Catalunha

Trinitat, Barcelona

SAC Skate spot

Ponte de Lima Pump Track 


Majestoso Olhão

Figueiras, Leiria

Barreiro, Boobie Trap



Aljezur, Boa Vida Social Club

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 Lisbon, Fábrica 22


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 BMX Series event

Mini Half